Our Mission

To serve as a catalyst in promoting diverse leadership in underrepresented communities and to train, connect, collaborate, empower and unite civic leaders and local organizations in USA.


To accomplish our mission, goals, and objectives, we provide the following civic leadership matching grants as social investment and strategic partnership. You will need to register as CLUSA Partner Organization before you apply for any of the grants. To register, please click the following link: https://form.jotform.com/91062665372155

Types of Grants

  • 2019 Local Student Internship Program Grant.

The 2019 Local Internship program aims to provide financial support to
complete program budget of organizations that are currently or will have an
internship program that serves youths and young adults who are a part of an
underrepresented and underprivileged group with the focus of civic
engagement, public policy, and leadership training. The goal is to create a
diversity of future elected officials who are engaged in serving their

Timeline in 2019:

Feb 11 Grant application opens
Feb 28 First priority due date for grant applications
March 22 First round grant awards by this date
March 24 Second priority due date for grant applications
April 15 Second round grant awards by this date
April 27 Orientation webinar
May 25 Orientation webinar, 11:00am-12:00pm PST, Webinar link https://zoom.us/j/337031990
June 21-23 CLUSA National Internship Conference for Internship Leaders and Student Interns in California
September End-of-Program Internship Leaders Team self-reflection report (online)

Senator Nielsen with Intern
Intern at Alumni Conf_3

You will be directed to the application form hosted on 3rd-party website. Please fill the application by following the instructions on that form. You can find the sample application form here.

  • Civic Leadership Forum Grant

The principal activity of CLUSA is to sponsor Civic Leadership Forums aimed
at training Asian Americans to participate in the political process and our civic
life. The Forums are non-partisan and inclusive of all Americans regardless of
ethnic group or country of origin. It’s grassroots and collaborative in nature.
We have conducted over 35 Civic leadership Forums in 12 States and 22
cities in last three years and raised the awareness of civic engagement in
APIA communities.

Letter of Intent (LOI) – one page LOI review; reply on a monthly basis

Proposal – are review on a quarterly basis and by invitation only. (Invitation to submit a full proposal does not guarantee funding (Please do not incur any expense in implementation before you received a written official approval letter; a signed grant agreement from CLUSA.

N.B. – Rolling deadline year round with Monthly for LOI and Quarterly on full proposal.


  • Capacity Building Grant (By Invitation Only)

Sustainability and leadership succession are crucial factors for healthy organization. It’s a highly selective and strategic social investment for CLUSA to identify and support nonprofits that in line with our mission and have a strong impact in civic engagement for the community they served. The matching and challenge grant is to build its organization capacity in order to survive and thrive with a strong infrastructure and resource development capability.

Current grantees are as follows:
80-20 United/UCAA