Dear Friends:
I am glad to announce that our exciting CLUSA Local Student Internship program grant guideline is available on our website beginning today. Kudos to The Internship program planning committee chaired by Dr. Michael Chang and the A-team including HP Wang, Glenn Fujii, Vincent Wang, Anthony Le and many others.
The objectives of this internship grant program are as follows:
(1) Build relationships between local government and local community & civic leaders.
(2) Train & cultivate civic leaders who will eventually run for local public offices
(3) Inspire student interns for active civic participation
(4) Build strong local grassroots communities
There will be an information session for grant application provided this Sat and each month for next few months. It’s a mandatory first step before you apply in order to strengthen your proposal.
Please go on our web site and subscribe with your contact information
Best Regards,
Anthony C. Ng
Executive Director
Civic Leadership USA (CLUSA)
2655 Campus Drive, Suite 120
San Mateo, CA 94403

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