Board of Directors

Anthony Ng
Executive Director and Member of the Board

Mr Ng has over 25 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations. He has provided services including strategic planning, management consulting, program development and evaluation, fundraising, and public relations. He has worked with numerous nonprofits including the Pennsylvania Council for the Arts, the Pew Charitable Trust, Nueva Esperanza, and the Latin American Economic Development Association.

Mr Ng graduated from Drexel University with a Masters Degree in Art Administration focusing on nonprofit organizations. He grew up in Hong Kong and is an award-winning composer and a gourmet cook.

Sandy Chau
Chairman of the Board

Mr. Chau has started numerous successful technology companies. He is a long time venture capitalist and real estate investor and was a founder of the Acorn Campus, a technology incubator that provides early round seed funding. He has more than 40 years of business experience in the United States, Taiwan, China, and elsewhere in the Pacific Rim.

Mr. Chau is a philanthropist and focuses on social justice issues. In addition to the CLF Foundation, he is the board chair of Vision New America and the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association. He is also an executive board member of Shin Shin Education Foundation, an organization dedicated to education equity in China.

Mr. Chau was born in Shanghai and raised in Hong Kong and Vietnam. He received his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and MBA from UC Berkeley.

Hsing Kung
Director and Treasurer

Mr Kung is a successful entrepreneur and venture capital investor. He is a philanthropist both in America and in China. He has funded internships and scholarships for Asian American students and supported programs to increase Asian American civic participation. He has founded elementary schools in low income regions of China and donated the school supplies and clothing needed by impoverished students to succeed in school.

Mr Kung was raised in Taiwan and received his Ph.D in electrical engineering from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

David Wu
Director and Vice Chair

Mr. Wu is a former member of Congress who represented the First Congressional District of Oregon for seven terms. He was the first member of the US House of Representatives of Chinese descent. He served on the Education Committee and the Science Committee. Prior to his election, he was a technology lawyer in Portland Oregon and donated substantial amounts of time to education causes. After his congressional service, Mr. Wu has been active in Asian American affairs and speaks to student audiences in both China and the United States.

Mr Wu immigrated from China at age seven. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Stanford University, attended Harvard Medical School, and a JD from the Yale Law school.