AAPICivic Engagement Forum for San Francisco Mayor Candidates
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San Francisco will elect a mayor in June, eight candidates are running for SanFrancisco mayor, one of them will replace the late Ed Lee, who passed away inDecember 2017.
Sponsored by Civic Leadership USA which was founded by a well-respectedChinese American Entrepreneur and investor Mr. Sandy Chau , ASIAN, Inc, APAPA , AACA, and 12organizations jointly organized a Mayors Forum on Saturday at CrystalJade Jiang Nan Restaurant in San Francisco onApril 21th, 2018. Over 200 people attended and interacted with five candidates.They are: Angela Alioto, London Breed , JaneKim , Mark Leno , Ellen Lee Zhou.

When talking about the diversity, London Breed said: “ As the president of theboard of supervisors, I have the ability to point the planning commissioners.We have two seats coming up and I am committed to make sure that one of thoseappointments is the member of our Chinese community. It’s about workingtogether building the relationships; rely on the people who have done so manyamazing things for the city. We have to make sure here in San Francisco, we arenot only talking about diversity we represent, but making sure our boards and workforcerepresents our community and our diversity”
Here is a brief look atthe candidates (Information is gathered from their campaign website, visittheir website if more information is needed):
Angela Alioto
A Democratic politicianand attorney. Two of her goals are to fight crime and help the homeless. TheSan Francisco native ran for city mayor in 1991 and 2003. She is also a formersupervisor, and a former president of the Board of Supervisors.
Alioto graduated from Lone Mountain College. She received her J.D. from theUniversity of San Francisco School of Law, and was admitted to the CaliforniaState Bar.
Her father, Joseph Alioto, served as the mayor of San Francisco from 1968 to1976.
London Breed
Currently serving as theacting mayor of San Francisco, following the unexpected death of Mayor Ed Lee.Not only is she a supervisor for District 5 in San Francisco, she is also thecurrent president of the Board of Supervisors. She was born in San Franciscoand attended Galileo High School. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree fromU.C. Davis and her Master’s Degree from the University of San Francisco.
Jane Kim
Says she has fought toexpand access to affordable housing, protect renters, close the income gap, andimprove public schools. She worked on aninitiative to make City College of San Francisco the first community college inthe nation to offer free classes to all residents regardless of age, income oreducational status. Kim was born and raised in New York City. Her parentsimmigrated from Seoul, South Korea in the early 1970s. She attended StanfordUniversity, where she majored in Political Science and Asian American Studies.She went on to receive her law degree from U.C. Berkeley School of Law. JaneKim lives in San Francisco.
Mark Leno
Has served the SanFrancisco community as a small business owner, supervisor, assemblymember, andstate senator. He says he “will fight on behalf of regular San Franciscans- the tenants, homeowners, small business owners, and immigrants.”
He also says on his website he has fought for better schools and access tohigher education, a cleaner and sustainable environment, affordable housing,universal single-payer healthcare, and equal rights for all Californians. Lenoattended in the University of Colorado at Boulder, and graduated with aBachelor of Arts Degree from the American College in Jerusalem. He has lived inNoe Valley for the past 36 years.
Ellen Lee Zhou
Has been working as apublic servant for the city and county of San Francisco since 2004 and a socialworker since 1996, according to her website. She wants to tackle drug-abuseproblems, homeless issues, and affordable housing for families. Zhou immigratedto San Francisco in 1986. She was born in Taishan, Guangdong, China.
She earned her Associate of Science degree in Hotel and Restaurant Managementfrom City College of San Francisco. She received her Bachelor of Social Workerdegree and Master of Social Work degree in 2003 from San Francisco StateUniversity.


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